[Bonus Episode] Introducing: Real Good

If business isn’t doing any good…what’s the point?

We’re interrupting our regular podcast stream to bring you something special. It’s the first episode of Real Good, a new podcast about people using the power of their business to make a better world. 

Seriously. These stories aren’t about PR or charity. 

They’re about businesses and leaders who found ways to invest in the people, places, and ideas that fall through the cracks of our social and economic systems — investments that yield returns for everyone.

As COVID-19 revealed disparities based on wealth, race, and other systemic factors, some companies stepped up to turn disadvantage into opportunity, finding their niche in serving the underserved in a way that demonstrates the “real good” business can promote. 

This episode features an interview with Maurice Jones, CEO of LISC (Local Initiative Support Corporation). Jones tells the story of his company’s efforts to invest in communities, and their devotion to creating more equal access to the resources that make success possible, like broadband Internet. 

Tune in, and be inspired by those who make it their business to help build something better than what we’ve got. Click Play!


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