MBA1092 How to Set Your Rates as a Service-Based Business + Ride Friday!

What should you be charging?

It’s a question every freelancer and service-based business owner has to answer. Setting the right rates is crucial to the ROI and long-term sustainability of your business. Whether you’re a photographer, developer, writer, or any other service provider, your time has to be worth enough to keep the business growing.

Otherwise, you’re running in place.

Today, we discuss 3 different ways to set your rates, and how to determine exactly what those rates should be relative to your needs and expenses. We give you the formulas you need to find the right number — the number that will give you the time and money you need to provide the service and grow the business.

For service businesses, time really is money. Find out how much you’re worth, and how often to revisit your rates moving forward. By the hour or by the job, you can’t sell yourself short. Click Play!


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