MBA1159 Why I Wear My Own T-Shirts

They say to dress for the job you want. But if you’re already an entrepreneur, you can dress for the job you created! Our host Omar almost always rocks a branded t-shirt featuring our software company, WebinarNinja.

The reasons for doing so, however,  go way beyond the urge to sneak in some extra advertising.

Whether he’s speaking at a conference, on a webinar, or just hitting the gym, Omar’s gear is a reflection of who he is, and what he wants. Wearing the WebinarNinja logo doesn’t just remind others what he does — it helps him stay focused, motivated, and productive.

It all goes back to Omar’s conventional job as an educator, and how the transition from tie to tee was (and remains) symbolic of his hard-earned independence. Find out how much a shirt can mean, plus get our tips on how to create your own company-branded gear. Click Play!


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