MBA1227 The 4 Sins of Podcast Interviewing + Free Ride Friday!

There’s no shortage of podcasts out there, but some are (way, way) better than others. With so many podcasts in interview format, how can you make sure yours stands out?

If you’re trying to attract great guests, and give your audience something to talk about, you can’t go into interviews without a plan. Omar’s been interviewed on many a podcast, and each time he’s seen what makes a great interview — and what makes a terrible one. By avoiding certain rookie mistakes, you can make sure your podcast impresses guests and listeners alike.

Specifically, 4 mistakes in particular just about guarantee a bad interview. Today, we explain how each of these mistakes kills your podcast, and wastes a perfectly good guest. With examples of podcasts that do interview right, we show you how to get the most out of each guest, and leverage their appearance for maximum traffic.

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