MBA1317 How to Take a Content Creation Break + Free Ride Friday!

Every entrepreneur knows you gotta keep the marketing content coming. But life being life, everyone needs a break sometimes. So how can you pump the brakes without losing momentum — and disappointing your audience?

There is a way.

Whether you host a podcast, write a blog, or run a YouTube channel, a little planning can give you the space you need to take a pause. With relatively small adjustments to your content creation schedule, you can invest in a “savings account” of content to deploy whenever you need a break.

Alternatively, entrepreneurs with an established audience and a solid backlog of content can take a true break: not releasing any new content at all for a while. With some specific examples, we’ll discuss how to prepare your audience for such a hiatus in a way that doesn’t damage the long-term following you’ve built.

You work hard to produce great content, and your audience looks forward to it. Give yourself the time you need and deserve, so that you can continue to delight your fans. Click Play!


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