MBA1338 Guest Teacher: Ali Smith- Tips to Avoid A Trademark ‘War of Words’

When it comes to branding, words are everything.

Trademark rules are complicated, and new entrepreneurs face two dangers when choosing company names, product names, and any other brand-identifying language. First, there’s the risk of running afoul of trademark laws. More likely, though, is the brand-killing possibility of not protecting your own business’s uniqueness from potential rippers-off.

Good thing we know a trademark expert!

Ali Smith is the marketing manager for, a site that helps business owners protect their brand. She’s here to discuss the major pitfalls to avoid when choosing your words, so you can knock out the knockoffs early on. Plus, Ali will explain how the trademark process works, and what happens when you file one for your business.

Get the unique branding you need, and choose trademarks that’ll set your brand apart from the rest. Click Play!


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