MBA1348 Guest Teacher: Nir Eyal- How to become Indistractable

Every one of your goals depends on mastering one skill: what we normally call “focus.”

Nir Eyal thinks of it a little differently. He knows that cutting out distractions and getting in the zone is the key that unlocks all doors. But rather than “focus,” he refers to “traction” — as in, the opposite of “distraction.” 

It’s a powerful philosophy — but he explains it better than we can.

Nir is this week’s special guest teacher. After featuring his book Hooked on our Must-Read book episode, we were thrilled for the chance to have Nir come by and explain the premise of his new book, Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life. 

Today, Nir offers his 4 pillars of indistractability, the key strategies for cutting the “dis” and getting some traction. In an era of endless “pings, dings, and other things,” indistractability may be the most crucial skill in an entrepreneur’s set. 

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