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MBA2313 Q&A Wednesday: How did you get through your lowest moments in business?

Every business owner goes through tough times, those truly awful moments when the wins seem unreachable. Even the most successful entrepreneurs go through this, time and again.

So how do they deal with it?

How can you navigate those ugly times and keep moving forward? How do seasoned entrepreneurs press on when things seem hopeless?

It’s Q&A Wednesday, and one listener is experiencing hardships in their personal and professional life. They need advice on cultivating resilience and making it through the inevitable troughs and valleys that running a business creates. 

Today, Omar shares strategies for coping with the tough times, using examples from his own most painful business “lows.” 

Nobody has an easy road to success. Learn how to gain perspective, restore optimism, and continue doing great work — even when it feels like everything is falling apart.

Tune in, and learn a few ways to see the bad times as valuable challenges instead of defeats. Click Play!


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