MBA1366 5 Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading

Never stop learning. Part of being a successful entrepreneur is keeping up on the latest ways to be better at…well, everything.

But especially marketing.

Of course, there’s a ton of content out there, and roughly eighty bazillion “gurus” with blogs full of advice on how to market. That’s why today, we’re sharing the 5 blogs we ourselves read. They’re so good — so valuable — that even our absurdly busy selves consider them worth every second we spend reading them.

Some are general, some focus on specifics like writing or video marketing. Some have been around for years; others are newish to the scene. Some are long. Some are short. Some are more inspirational, others more practical. Some are daily, and some are not even monthly. 

But all of them make us better marketers, one blog at a time.

Hear which blogs we bookmarked and subscribed to, and see if you agree. Find out what we look for in a blog, and why these 5 stand out. Most importantly, hear how you can integrate their value into your business journey. Click Play!


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