MBA1372 Negativity Detox For You and Your Business + Free Ride Friday

Negativity kills businesses (among other things).

Negative, unhappy entrepreneurs are rarely successful. Negative, unhappy teams are rarely productive. The downsides to the downside are endless. And too often, we don’t address negativity in our businesses because we don’t see it in the first place. 

Today, we discuss the subtle negative influences you might be missing, and how to address them. We’ll offer a list of changes you can make today, and propose a 30-day experiment to see exactly how cutting the negativity can impact your life and business.

Don’t worry — this is not a self-help episode. Positivity is simply a smart business strategy.

Learn what changes to experiment with, and how to incorporate them into your team culture. These changes are practical and immediately applicable. Detox your business, and see how much better you feel — and how much better your business performs. Click Play!


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