MBA1496 Lesson Learned From My Trip to Japan

Just before the corona-crisis descended, our intrepid co-founders Omar and Nicole headed to Japan for 10 days of decompression. 

It wasn’t a business trip, just pure travel for the fun of it. But as they explored this new culture for the first time, they couldn’t help but  learn a few things.

Now, it’s time to apply those things to business.

Visiting a surreally different place can break you out of stagnant thinking, and help you see possibilities you hadn’t considered. Japan’s particular approach to life and business is much different from the rest of the world’s – and we all have a thing or two to learn from it.

Omar & Nicole didn’t go to Japan for professional development. But the lessons were too good to ignore.

Today, Omar will share the 5 most profound lessons they took away from the Land of the Rising Sun. Learn what a culture devoted to meticulousness can teach us about running our own lives and businesses more efficiently, effectively, and beautifully. Click Play!


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