MBA1381 Hotels vs AirBnB for Business Travel

Travel: it’s one of the perks of entrepreneurship. But when your accommodations feel less like home and more like hassle, travel can quickly become a chore.

Which brings us to a classic question: to AirBnB, or not to AirBnB? The disruptive home-sharing industry has made it so hotels are not your only option. But does that mean a stranger’s apartment is a better choice than a place with room service and a cleaning staff? It’s a tough call.

The answer depends on how you’re traveling.

Spoiler alert: this fight doesn’t have a winner. Instead, some kinds of business travel are way more convenient with a hotel involved, and some are better suited for AirBnB. Today, we discuss the difference, and how to know which to choose for your next trip.

Make an informed decision, with all the pros and cons accounted for. Click Play!


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