MBA1386 How to Fight and Beat Your Impostor Syndrome

You can do this. You are doing this. And it’s not a mistake.

Impostor syndrome affects almost everyone, but it’s especially vicious among entrepreneurs. Because we’re off the beaten path, making our own decisions and living according to our own ideas, it can be very easy to start doubting ourselves. Without the support of a conventional job structure, it can be hard to believe in our own ability.

You’re not the only one.

Impostor syndrome has killed innumerable businesses. Sometimes, people simply can’t believe that they deserve success — especially if there’s no one telling them so. Today, we’re sharing the tricks and tips we use to abolish Impostor Syndrome, and keep misplaced emotions from obscuring the fact that we are good enough. 

We’ll discuss how to maintain an honest and accurate assessment of yourself and your ability, and to silence the negative internal chatter than can creep into you head. If you’re doubting yourself, take a listen. Click Play!


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