MBA1387 The Dangers of Free + Free Ride Friday

“Free” can really cost you.

If you’re giving away too much, it’s not just hurting your bottom line. It’s hurting your future chances of success by building an expectation you can’t escape. It’s also creating a very unfavorable impression about your product’s true value. Far more than the actual cost of a product that’s offered for nothing, you might be losing years of potential future revenue.

Before you give anything away, you need to understand what you’re giving up.

We’re not talking about free trials or other limited marketing tactics. We’re talking about devaluing your product to the point where customers no longer believe it’s worth anything. And you’re not the only one who loses; statistically, customers rarely get the full benefit of a product they haven’t properly invested in themselves.

Before you offer anything for free, take the time to consider the long-effects. Tune in, and learn where the line is between marketing and freebie-ing your way out of business. Click Play!


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