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MBA2139 How to Charge for a Service on Your Website

Charging for a physical or digital product is fairly easy. But what about services?

If you’re a freelance web designer, copywriter, or coach, getting paid can be tricky. Today, we explore the best ways to charge for services and process payments quickly — without hurting sales or getting yourself overburdened with complicated software tools.

Buying your service online should be just as seamless as buying a t-shirt!

In this episode, we explain exactly what your point-of-sale and payment processing tools need to do for you, and share our top recommendations for the tools we like most. Save yourself a few hours of research, and get more sales for your services. 

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Recommended Tools


By far the easiest accounting software on the market. We use it for all our businesses, because it integrates with all our accounting, billing, and banking apps. With super affordable plans for small businesses, Xero makes keeping the books much, much simpler. Head to and find the accounting solution you’ve been looking for!


ConvertKit has everything you need for effective email marketing — and they make it ridiculously easy. From newsletter subscriptions to complex automations, ConvertKit is the most straightforward way to build your campaigns. Best of all, ConvertKit will even migrate your whole list, sequences, and forms from another platform for you! Check out the best email platform for independent business people at

WP Engine

WP Engine is our first choice for small business website hosting (seriously, you’re looking at one of our WP Engine sites right now). They’ve got the tools, features, and power you need to keep your online storefront going strong — and customer support is incredible, like having an extra tech team by your side 24/7. WP Engine has a plan for every size business! Get 20% off at and use PROMO CODE WPE20OFF

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