MBA1394 Why Knowing Your Buyer’s Journey Is So Important

Sometimes, we forget to focus on the customers we already have.

Your “buyer’s journey,” the steps your customers took from stranger to lead to revenue source, is crucial to keeping your business alive and thriving. Knowing exactly how you got people interested — and how you converted that interest into a sale — is the key to repeating the process, and to finding customers that will stick around for the long term.

In other words, your best current customers can help you find more like them.

Today, we discuss how to analyze your sales and marketing efforts, mining the information for clues to what works best. Instead of hoping your marketing works, look at when it already worked, and figure out why. Find out how you produced the greatest CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value) and double down.

Your customers aren’t just a source of revenue. Their journey is a source of information that’s more valuable than the price of any single sale. Dig in, take a long look at your data, and figure out what gets people in — and keeps them coming back. Click Play!


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