MBA1399 Should You Write a Book in 2020?

“You should write a book.”

“I could write a book.”

“One day I’ll write a book.”

We’ve all had the thought, the suggestion, even the plan. But as a marketing strategy, is it smart? Are books still relevant in a digital economy? Does the (considerable) time, effort, and money required to produce a book pay off? What’s the ROI?

Today, we answer those questions.

We’ll discuss what makes writing a book worthwhile, and how so much of a book’s value rests on a simple question: “Why?” Before you write a single word, the purpose of the book — and the effects you’re trying to produce — have to be established. 

What you write, how you write it, and what you do with it all depend on the “why.”

There are different endgames for different books. We’ll explain how to choose your endgame, and how to actually execute the writing and marketing of your book. Launching a book now is much different from the days of Barnes & Noble. You may find that your idea for a book, however good, needs some tweaking.

Your book might be a game-changer for your business — but only if you start with a plan. Click Play!


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