MBA1402 Is Growing Your Business Pages on Social Media Still Important? + Free Ride Friday

Social media is a fickle thing. One year it’s the key to your business, the next year all your “likes” don’t translate to a dime in sales.

The social media Powers That Be (that’s Facebook, Insta, and the like) are constantly updating their algorithms and tweaking the way they determine how much of your content actually reaches the people you’re speaking to. It can seem a fool’s errand to try to keep up, but keep up we must.

Case in point: how much are your business’s social media accounts really driving your growth?

It can be tough to decide just how much time, money, and energy you’re willing to throw at the social media game. For some businesses, it’s undeniably crucial. For others, the ROI just isn’t there. Today, we’ll help you determine which category your business falls into — and what to do about it.

In simpler times (when more presence automatically meant more business), we over-valued social media. After that, we under-valued it. Now, we’re searching for that “Goldilocks” level of social media investment: just enough.

Tune in, and see where your business falls on the Social Media Importance Spectrum, and how to optimize your own business pages for the best results. Click Play!


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