MBA1401 How to Start Getting on Stages

So you’re ready to speak in public.

Kudos. Public speaking — especially at industry conferences — can be a massive brand-builder. It can turbo-charge your networking. It’s not for everyone, but the effects on a small business are undeniable. Somewhat surprisingly, it can also be the perfect way for introverted entrepreneurs to connect with people.

But how do you book a gig?

We’ve been there: before our intrepid host Omar became a successful regular public speaker, he had to find a way in. The goal was never to be a high-powered semi-celebrity making his living off speeches, but simply to showcase expertise, build his personal brand, and make connections. But getting in the door was…a challenge.

Today, we’ll share what Omar learned over time, so you can get to your first speaking engagement sooner.

There is a way to get on stage, even if you’ve never delivered a talk in your life. Find out how — Click Play!


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