MBA919 Lessons Learned From Apple’s Airpods

Great businesses can teach great lessons. The same goes for great products — and Apple’s AirPods are beyond great, both as a product and a study in product rollout. No, this is not sponsored content. In fact, we discuss how Apple didn’t exactly release the AirPod according to plan (much to their embarrassment!). AirPods may be the single biggest innovation to come from Apple since the first iPhone, and getting them to market was an incredibly difficult process.

Today, we discuss what lessons you can learn from Apple’s execution of the AirPod. This story is full of principles that you can apply directly to your business, no matter what you sell. From navigating technical hangups, to transparency and communication with pissed-off customers, to deciding when to delay, it’s all here. Innovating isn’t easy, but it’s how every business — big and small — secures its future. Click Play!


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