MBA1436 Sharing Your Long Term Strategic Plan With Your Team

You and your team: are you in it together?

Recently, we made a significant decision. We decided to share our biggest, longest-term, most ambitious goals with our entire team — every single employee. While we used to reserve our Grand Plans for ourselves and a few managers, we decided it was time to put our cards on the table.

Why did we do that? Should you?

Today, we discuss the reasons for sharing everything with everyone, and the effect that doing so can have on your business. While it can be nerve-wracking to put it all out there, we believe it increases personal investment from our team, and makes our goals more likely to be achieved.

We unveiled a 10-year plan, with specific benchmarks and SMART goals that are more than just hopes and dreams. In this episode, we’ll help you determine what to include in your plan, how to format it, and how to present it to the people who will help you make it a reality. 

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