MBA1448 Guest Teacher: Kim Speed – How to turn your clients into your greatest sales team

There is no better salesperson than someone who doesn’t work for you.

Think about how you decide to purchase something. While marketers, advertisers, and actual sales people have a goal in mind, other consumers have nothing to gain by encouraging you to buy a given product. It’s that simple.

A happy customer is worth a dozen salespeople — because trust.

That said, most of your customers aren’t likely to speak up for you unless you ask them. Today, we’ve got a special guest who’s an expert in enlisting customers as evangelists. Kim Speed is a branding master who knows how to get that crucial word of mouth going.

She’s here with a lesson on approaching your customers, getting the feedback you need, and using it to turn satisfaction into hyper-effective marketing and advertising. 

Testimonials and customer reviews are pure gold, more likely to influence your sales than any amount of paid ads. Find out exactly how to extract this powerful asset from your customers, and use it to maximum effect. Click Play!


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