MBA1449 What Exactly Is a Funnel? (and How to Build One)

It’s something every marketer studies endlessly. If you’re in business, you’ve heard of it by now: the “funnel.”

There’s a good reason this concept is so common. Understanding the funnel and applying it to your business is crucial to your company’s growth. You could even argue that without studying the art of the funnel, your business can’t grow at all!

 Whether they realize it or not, all businesses funnel. It’s just that some are better at it than others.

In short, the funnel is the thing that takes people from perfect stranger, to lead, to customer, and finally to creator of other customers. It’s a central tenet of digital marketing, and the only efficient way to approach the task of finding your customers among all those millions of people out there on the Internet.

Today, we’ll explain the funnel, unpack its mysteries, and illustrate the concept with a hypothetical example. Let’s build your funnel, and get some people into it. Click Play!


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