MBA1456 Should You Sell a White Labeled Product?

Who says you have to build a product to build a business?

“White Label” products let you market and sell someone else’s creation, under your own brand. It’s a tempting alternative for entrepreneurs whose strengths lie more in marketing and sales than in product development. And it’s a more popular option than ever before.

But is it worth it?

Today, we’ll review the advantages and disadvantages of going white label. We’ll discuss all the ways it’s easier and less involved than building your own product, and what you lose in exchange for that ease. 

We’ll also detail exactly what to look for in a good white label product, so you can make sure to hitch your brand wagon to something reliable.

The white label approach can be a perfect option for certain kinds of entrepreneurs, or a precursor to a more conventional mode of entrepreneurship. See if it’s a way forward for you, with all the facts in mind. Click Play!


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