MBA1459 How Amazon Can Help You Create Your Next Product

There’s a ridiculously valuable, totally free resource you’re not using. It has all the information you need to target an audience, build them the perfect product, and stand out in your space.

That’s right, Amazon (you read the title, didn’t you?).

The “everything store” isn’t just a behemoth of online retail. It’s a treasure trove of reviews, complaints, wishes, and everything else you need to figure out what the heck consumers actually want. 

Today, we’ll explain how to mine Amazon for the data you need, and use it to create your next product. By extracting some key insights from Amazon, you can figure out exactly how to differentiate your business and completely nail your next offering. Plus, we’ll mention a few other websites where you can find similar info.Amazon has done a lot of work to get this data together. Take advantage! Click Play.


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