MBA1460 Q&A Wednesday: Will I put off customers if I share my political and religious views?

We live in a golden age of political bipartisanship, religious tolerance, and cooperation among people of diverse viewpoints.

Just kidding, we live in a never-ending mosh pit of political and social rock-hurling. So what does that mean for your business? It’s Q&A Wednesday, and we’re helping one Mommy Blogger decide whether to share her convictions, or zip it before she scares half her customers away.

More importantly, we’re discussing how much you should share about your own views.

Is revealing your most firmly held convictions part of being transparent, open, and relatable? Isn’t that what we’re always telling entrepreneurs to do these days? Or is your voting record and choice of deity TMI? 

Is business the right forum for any of that stuff?

Spoiler alert: it depends. Today, we’ll discuss what to ask yourself before you over or under-share. Click Play!


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