MBA948 Guest Teacher: Chris Ducker – 5 Ways to Monetize Your Personal Brand

You have a forté. You want a business. This is how you turn one into the other.

Chris Ducker is serial entrepreneur, having been in the business of monetizing skills and expertise for years. He’s the acclaimed author of Virtual Freedom and Rise of the Youprenuer, and the founder of Today, he stops by the $100 MBA Show to teach us how to leverage your unique experience into a stream of income.

Ducker’s “Starting 5” techniques are the perfect ways to take the most crucial step in entrepreneurship: Step One. Each of these 5 options is a realistic, actionable way to convert your personal value into a marketable product, whether it’s through coaching, consultation, or commission. Whatever your area of expertise, your expertise is the product! Learn how to sell it. Click Play!

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