MBA1462 3 Key Ingredients to a Successful Facebook Group + Free Ride Friday

Facebook groups can go really well, or really badly. They can increase engagement and loyalty, or they can embarrass you. They can drive growth, or they can hurt your reputation in the space.

Let’s make sure your next Facebook group moves your business forward, not back.

One of the best ways to build a brand is to build a community around it. But simply having a Facebook group won’t do that. There has to be an intentional, goal-oriented approach that purposely fosters the community, and nudges it towards relevance in members’ lives.

Today, we’ll describe exactly what attributes your Facebook group needs to have in order to succeed, and what your role is in nurturing a productive and meaningful experience for your customers. 

We know how badly Facebook groups can go — a few of ours have crashed and burned over the years. We also know how well they can go, as our recent groups have demonstrated. Learn from our experience, and make your next group a win for everyone. Click Play!


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