MBA1552 Should Your Business Publicly Take a Stand? + Free Ride Friday

Politics. Social movements. Morality. Does any of that have a role in your business?

That question is on the forefront of many an entrepreneur’s mind, as protests rage across the United States and the world over issues of inequality. While it’s tempting to think we can simply keep current events out of business…

…it’s just not always possible.

Silence is its own statement. Depending on the issue, what effect can that statement have on your brand?

Today, we’ll discuss when it’s appropriate — and responsible — to take a stand. We recently made our position on the Black Lives Matter movement public, and it cost us some customers. 

But for us, certain social responsibilities are a greater priority.

Take a moment to think about what you stand to lose from saying something, and from saying nothing. Do the cost/benefit analysis of sticking to your deepest principles. 

Consider financial and moral factors as a business leader, and make your best choice. Click Play!


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