MBA1554 Should You Trademark Your Brand?

We’ve all seen the little encircled “TM” on the names of our favorite brands. But what does it actually mean? 

More importantly, how can it help your chances of success?

Depending on the nation or State you live in, a trademark can be a crucial part of protecting your company from copycats. But not always; depending on where you are in your business, it may not be worth the investment.

As in the rest of business-building, timing is everything.

Today, we’ll discuss exactly what a trademark does for you, and how it can actually add tangible value to your entire business. We’ll lay out the costs involved, and the process for getting a trademark – if you’re ready, that is.

We’ll also share our recommendation for exactly how long you can wait before trademarks become truly necessary. Get the facts, lay out a plan, and protect your business from the wannabes! Click Play!


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