MBA1579 Lessons Learned From Basecamp’s “Hey” Launch

Want to innovate your marketing? Study marketing innovation.

That’s what we’ve been doing, as we followed the launch of Hey, a new take on email from the guys who created Basecamp.

And no — we’re not affiliated with Hey in any way. 

We just paid close attention to Hey’s pre-launch marketing strategy, and felt compelled to share it with you. We’re not discussing Hey as a product. We’re discussing what made Hey’s marketing campaigns so creative, original, and effective.

It’s enough to make you believe they really can take on Gmail.

Hey’s launch proves that there’s always a new niche, a new way to approach even the most crowded industries. By daring to differentiate, Hey attracted, nurtured, and converted new legions of fans — even as they navigated unexpected roadblocks.

What can you learn from Hey? Click Play!


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