MBA1780 Q&A Wednesday: I hate working from home. Any tips?

Are you tired of working from home?

It’s not just you. While it seemed great at first (and there are lots of upsides), it can get old. That’s even more true if you don’t actively design a WFH lifestyle that maintains clear boundaries.

It’s Q&A Wednesday, and we’re helping one listener cope with the distractions. 

It’s all there: your TV, your couch, your bed, and the rest. For many, productivity is dropping fast. How do you stay on task? More importantly, how do you keep work from invading your home life?

We’ve been remote since before COVID. In our years on the job, we’ve learned from experience exactly how to get business handled, and still be able to turn off “work mode” at day’s end. 

Learn how it’s done, because even after COVID, remote work isn’t going anywhere. Click Play!


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