MBA1860 Q&A Wednesday: COVID lockdowns are crushing my business. How do I survive?

The “old normal” isn’t coming back anytime soon.

With Australia and other countries remaining in lockdown, and cases rising even in re-opened places, COVID isn’t in the rearview just yet. That means businesses whose models were upended by the pandemic have to hold out — and adapt — a while longer.

Case in point: today’s Q&A Wednesday listener.

As the owner of a co-work space, our listener seems to be in one of the worst positions possible during a pandemic. After all, the business model depends on people physically going to a location. 

But we believe with a little creativity, there’s a way forward. It might even be a way to come out stronger than before.

Tune in as we offer our best advice to someone who — like millions — must adjust to a new business reality. Click Play!


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