MBA1938 Must Read: Demand-Side Sales 101 by Bob Moesta

We’ve all heard about the “buyer’s journey.” But what does it really look like?

Every once in a while, you read something that sticks with you. That’s the case with Bob Moesta’s Demand-Side Sales 101, one of the most mind-opening books we’ve seen in a while.

This book completely realigned our concept of selling. 

It’s a total reversal of the typical sales model, which has you blasting features and benefits in the customer’s direction. Instead, Demand-Side urges you to figure out where in the journey the customer is, so you can bring them closer. 

By understanding what happens before people make a decision to buy, you can get them there. 

Take the anxiety and discomfort out of sales. Packed with real-world examples, this book offers a completely new roadmap to sales success.  Hear our thoughts and takeaways — Click Play!


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Demand-Side Sales 101 by Bob Moesta