MBA1997 My Checklist for Hosting a Webinar + Free Ride Friday

Nervous about your next (or first) webinar? Don’t be!

Can things go wrong? Yes. Lots of things! But not if you prevent them. The key is to get all those worst-case-scenarios out of your head and into an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). 

Then, you can just execute.

Today, we share a simple (and downloadable) checklist for a worry-free webinar. From technical to emotional and everything in between, the problems most likely to pop up during a webinar are mostly preventable. 

Omar would know — he’s done hundreds of ‘em.

Hear the 13 things you should “check off” before each and every webinar. Head into all your online lessons and presentations with that much less to think (and worry) about. Plus, download your own handy copy. Click Play!


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