MBA1996 How Long Does It Take To Be a Successful Entrepreneur?

Almost no one “makes it” overnight. 

If you’re a rational, pragmatic aspiring entrepreneur, one of your first questions is also one of the most common (and important): when can I expect success?

In a world without crystal balls, there’s no 1,000% answer. But there are rational timelines, and effective ways to map them out. Good ol’ Omar would know — he’s done it.

Today, we help you get a reliable idea of how long the road to independence really is. By nailing down a few key variables, you can determine where you’re likely to be years from now. Omar also shares his own journey, and explains how the road may not be straight from day job → entrepreneur. 

Get a sense of what you can reasonably expect between the day you start and the day you reach whatever definition of “success” matters to you. Click Play!



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