MBA2038 Guest Teacher – Barry Moltz – How to Make the Changes You Know You Need to Make in your Business

Are you brave enough to admit it’s time for change?

Accepting the need for change is one of the more surprising challenges in business. It requires courage, accountability, and the will to let go of what’s familiar and comfortable.

Barry Moltz is a speaker, author, radio host, and SMB expert who specializes in getting business out of ruts. For a small business, a plateau can become a graveyard. Being agile and embracing change is one of the most important abilities an entrepreneur can develop.

Today, Barry explains why that’s easier said than done, and how to get around the most common blockers. 

Don’t be the next Blockbuster! Learn how to recognize when you’re clinging to what doesn’t work anymore, and get comfortable pivoting. When the same-old-same-old is holding you back, it’s time to take action. Click Play!


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