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MBA2068 Guest Teacher – Demir Bentley – How To Plan A Winning Week, Every Week

Make the “Sunday Blues” yesterday’s news.

If you struggle with getting things done over the course of the week, we have the episode (and the expert) for you.

Demir Bentley is a renowned productivity expert who’s helped executives at major companies to…well, get their sh*t together. The problem, according to Bentley, isn’t a lack of effort or even time. It’s that we need a more active approach to tackling our priorities.

And yes, by applying the strategies Demir shares today, you can finally enjoy your weekends again.

Tune in (and get that notepad ready) as Demir shares a way to invest 30 minutes of your week into strategic planning, with a return of hours. Before your alarm even goes off on Monday, you’ll be set up to be caught up. 

You’re just a half hour away from saying goodbye to weekly overwhelm. Click Play!


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