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MBA2224 How To Hold Your Team Members Accountable

They seemed great when you hired them.

But then…

Why do some employees fail to measure up? Often, we think it’s because something is wrong with our hiring process. But realistically, it’s more likely to be what happens after the hire.

Today, we discuss how to set and maintain expectations for employees in a constructive way. That doesn’t mean being heavy-handed, authoritarian, or micro-managing. It means communicating and following through on exactly what you need from them.

We’ll share exactly how we keep our team up to snuff, mostly by defining “snuff” clearly and helping them correct course when necessary. The good news is that pretty much everyone wants to do a good job. But it’s on the founders to show them how.

Learn from our experience. Discover why some team members flake after a while, and why better management — not better employees — is the answer. Click Play!


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