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MBA2311 How to Know If You’re Not Good Enough + Free Ride Friday

Will your business make it, realistically? Does it offer what people really want? Do you have the skills, assets, and resources to succeed as an entrepreneur? How can you even tell?

In other words, are you good enough? 

Today, we nail down what “good enough” actually means in the world of entrepreneurship —  and how you can gain a realistic sense of your business’s chances of success. We’ll share and debunk myths and  misconceptions, giving you a clearer perspective on what truly separates business ideas from business realities.

If you’re wondering — or even worried — about your prospects, this is the episode for you.

We’ll explore the key factors that can make or break your business, how to assess your performance (and potential) in those areas, and actionable ways to improve where it’s needed.

Big hint: it’s mostly about understanding the real value of what you’re offering people, and how to communicate it effectively. To that end, we’ll share practical ways to gather critical information from consumers.

Ease your doubts, and go into entrepreneurship with a solid idea of what it takes to succeed. Click Play!


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