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MBA2312 Extended Interview with Liam Martin: The Challenges & Benefits of Running a Remote Team

What does it really take to run a remote team? As businesses grapple with the choice to bring employees back to the office or maintain COVID-era remote work policies, entrepreneurs find themselves at a crossroads. 

Liam Martin, founder of remote team management software Time Doctor, still believes remote work is the future. Today, Omar and Liam explore the secrets to asynchronous success!

Omar and Liam share a road-tested faith in the power of remote work (since 2014, our software company has operated fully remotely). Time Doctor measures and analyzes remote employees’ task efficiency, empowering managers and business owners to strategically improve productivity.

In this extended conversation, Omar and Liam discuss the essential elements for a thriving remote team. 

From the buy-in needed from everyone in the organization, to being sure not to waste your team’s time trying to recreate the in-person experience with excessive meetings, learn how remote is done right!

Hear the story of Time Doctor’s creation, and how it evolved to meet the changing needs of businesses. Discover the strategies for measuring and managing time, treating it like any other business resource — funds, inventory, etc. 

Get the insights you need to optimize your remote team’s performance, and an invaluable lesson in how to stay adaptable in an ever-changing business landscape. Click Play!


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