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MBA2310 Q&A Wednesday: Should I book an AirBnB or Hotel for my team retreat?

What’s the best venue for a productive retreat? Where your team or network gets together matters a ton — but with so many hotel alternatives available, is it smarter to go with a short-term rental?

It’s Q&A Wednesday, and one listener needs to know.

This fellow entrepreneur has a retreat to plan, and wonders whether an AirBnB or something like it is a smarter move than a full-on proper hotel. Fortunately, this is the right podcast to ask; Omar’s planned and executed several retreats over the years.

From team retreats to founders’ retreats involving multiple businesses, Omar’s learned that each event has unique goals and priorities, making the choice of accommodations more important than you might realize. 

And yes, he has a firm answer on the “hotel vs AirBnB” question.

Join us as we explore the advantages and disadvantages of both options in the context of a business retreat. Retreats can be an invaluable way to forge stronger bonds among a team, generate networking opportunities, or both! Let our experience help you nail it, when it’s your turn.

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