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MBA2328 Guest Teacher – Steven Mark Kahan – How to set in motion a modern digital marketing strategy & increase revenue growth

The way buyers interact with businesses has changed. Buyers no longer want to interact with multiple car dealerships when buying a car, instead preferring to search online and conduct their own research. It is important to meet those changes and understand your customer’s language and needs.

Our guest teacher Steven Mark Kahan shares his expertise on modern digital marketing strategies to help increase revenue growth. Buyers now rely on digital content to make purchasing decisions, therefore, getting found online is crucial for digital marketing success. 

Omar shared a tip on how to know what to offer, what to sell, and what language to use in marketing and sales which in turn will also help you create a better product. 

Learn how to understand your customer’s language, what drives their buying behavior, and how to create superior content that converts leads into paying customers. Join us for actionable steps towards implementing a successful high velocity digital marketing program. Click Play!


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