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MBA2420 Q&A Wednesday: Should I hire someone underqualified that has potential?

Ever found yourself wondering whether to hire someone with loads of potential but not quite the qualifications you’re looking for? Is it a smart move to bring on an under-qualified candidate with a ton of upside?

It’s a tricky decision to hire under-qualified talent and there are risks and rewards involved. That’s why Omar’s bringing in some real-life stories to give you a clear picture of what to consider when faced with a potential hire who’s a bit of a wildcard. Plus, he’s throwing in some tried-and-true tips for creating a probation plan to test the waters and ensure a good fit for your team.

Get ready to gain a fresh perspective on weighing qualifications against potential and walk away with the confidence to make the best (and smarter) choices for your business. It’s a must-listen, so open up your favorite podcast app and tune in. Click Play!


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