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MBA2477 Q&A Wednesday: I need to hire a developer. How do I make the right hire without stressing out?

Are you in the market for hiring a full-time developer and feeling stressed about making the right choice? Do you find the technical hiring process overwhelming, especially when you aren’t familiar with the intricacies of the role? You’re not alone, and today’s Q&A Wednesday episode is here to help you navigate this critical task with confidence and ease.

In this insightful episode, Omar shares his refined process for hiring developers and other key employees, a methodology he developed while building and eventually selling his successful software company, WebinarNinja. Omar dives deep into the art of crafting an effective job description, leveraging a thoughtful application process to filter the best candidates, and conducting interviews that reveal both technical skills and cultural fit. He also discusses the wisdom behind a trial period before fully committing to a new hire.

Don’t miss this valuable episode if you want to turn your hiring stress into strategic success. Tune in to learn how to make well-informed hiring decisions that will significantly impact your business’s bottom line. Click play!


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