MBA920 Q&A Wednesday: How many people is too many for a group coaching program?

Online group coaching is one of the best ways to monetize your expertise in a given field. Whether it’s fitness, life coaching, or professional skills, this business model is most coaches’ best opportunity at building a client base. But how many clients should you take on in each class? How many is too many?

That’s what one listener wants to know, and that’s what we’re discussing for this week’s Q&A Wednesday!

It’s not necessarily true that more clients = less value for each of them. Your clients will learn from and support each other, so it’s valuable to have a certain minimum. But there is a limit, and it’s important to find out where it is. Today, we discuss the factors you should consider when setting your group size limit. The kind of coaching, the frequency and duration, and a host of other factors will affect your decision.

We’ll show you how to estimate, test, and adjust your session sizes to find that “sweet spot” between too few and too many clients — within the limits of what we consider the minimum and maximum for any coaching program. This episode is a must for anyone doing (or considering) online coaching. Click Play!


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