MBA982 How To Empower Your Team To Manage Themselves + Free Ride Friday!

It’s FREE RIDE FRIDAY!!! Today, we discuss the most important thing an entrepreneur can do to reduce stress, increase efficiency, and genuinely enjoy your business: trusting your team.

When it’s your business, the temptation to micromanage is strong. But too much involvement in your team’s work can be counterproductive, draining, and — worst of all — it can disable your employees, keeping them dependent on you rather than letting their talents shine. If you truly want to the best work from your people, it’s time to macromanage!

On this episode, we offer simple steps that allow you to lengthen the leash, gradually empowering your employees to the point where they don’t need you. This frees you up to think further ahead, to innovate, and to simply live your life. We discuss how to build, test, and ultimately trust a capable team, one that’s motivated by their own desire to use the freedom you give them productively. It’s a win-win! Click Play!


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