MBA989 How to Get Ready For Some Time Off

We all need a break. But how do you make sure your break doesn’t hurt your business?

Burnout is a real and dangerous thing. It’s not only bad for your health and well-being, it’s devastating to your business. Only the best you — the healthiest, well-rested, most focused version — can run your business. That’s why it’s so crucial to approach downtime the same way you approach everything else: with planning, preparation, and thoughtful execution.

Today, we discuss what you need to do in order to plan a true vacation, one that allows you to “log off” while your business maintains its momentum. By putting some key things in place, you can ensure that everything runs smoothly in your absence.

Remember: it’s not a “break” if you’re thinking about work! Plan ahead, and come back from your next vacay fully recharged. Click Play!


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