MBA988 Must Read: SEO 2018 (No-BS) Strategy by Casey Henry

Need to update your SEO strategy quickly?

We’ve got the most efficient, to-the-point 2018 SEO guide available. It’s not a best-seller from a renowned author. It’s just something we stumbled on while looking for useful new SEO resources.

SEO 2018 (No Bullsh*t) Strategy by Casey Leigh Henry is exactly what the title promises: a no-nonsense, brass-tacks guide to getting SEO right this year. SEO is always changing. From the early days of effective keyword-stuffing to Google’s Hummingbird and RankBrain updates, yesterday’s SEO strategies will not work today. It’s more important than ever to find out what works now — without wasting time.

Hear all about these efficient methods for boosting traffic, generating leads, and ultimately making sales. For the best ROI of your time, this should be the next book on your list. Click Play!


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