MBA1408 Guest Teacher: Suzanne Chadwick – How To Create a Stand-Out Brand Experience

The market is a crowded place. One of the first hurdles new entrepreneurs struggle with is the old classic: how the heck do you stand out?

Fortunately, we’ve got an expert in just that.

Suzanne Chadwick has turned standing out into a full-time occupation. She’s mastered the art of being memorable for the purpose of branding and marketing. Author, speaker, and consultant, Chadwick knows how to get your business lodged in people’s heads, so that you are front of mind when they decide to make a purchase.

And she’s here today.

Suzanne has 5 specific things you can do to get the brand position that drives growth. By creating unique emotional connections with your audience, you can take away some of the blockers that prevent conversion. By putting in just a few extra miles, you can make the connections that make your brand pop.

These are tips you can put to work immediately, and see the difference in your reach. Click Play!


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